Bags advantages

1.Closed system without an air inlet: patient safety

Numbers of studies and international publications have illustrated the risks (nosocomial infections and air embolism) of contaminated air entering via the open systems used with rigid (glass) or semi-rigid (plastic) bottles. In addition to this danger, there are difficulties in regulating infusion flow rate that can lead to the infusion stopping which makes it necessary to allow external air to enter. Micro-cracks in glass bottles can also compromise the integrity of the solution.
Flexible plastic bags have the unique advantage of being collapsible. There is a guarantee of a closed system without any contamination risk as well as constant control of the solution flow rate.

2.Twist-off protection: sterile and tamper-evident
The spike port (twist-off) has been designed to avoid the risk of touch contamination when the administration set is introduced.
The twist-off, made of the same material as the container, has no rubber material that can release particles or metal that can cause injury.
This twist-off is protected during storage by a tamper-evident flap, eliminating the need for performing a decontamination procedure before usage.

Flexible container: simplifies the addition of drugs
Twist off: simple and rapid spiking
Unbreakable and lightweight
Reduction in storage and waste costs