About Us

DrakaBag, s.r.o.

is a young dynamic company established on 29 June 2007. The company’s primary focus is the production of medical bags from PVC and PP for various applications. Headquarters and production plant itself are located in Odry.

The bags are being manufactured in clean room conditions of class “C” from a material called Solmed® supplied by RENOLIT HEALTHCARE® from Holland.

The products pass through a system of controls performed by highly qualified employees, and are tested for their hardness and durability, which ensure their high quality standards.

The company consistently focuses on their customers and does business with partners who recognize the same principles, and reliably meet their contractual obligations. DrakaBag s.r.o. offers an optimization of sales with regards to price, quantity, terms of payment, and particularly, a long term partnership and stability of business relationships. There is a constant effort to enhance quality of our products, although our products are already favourably compared to their foreign competitors at the least, which can be supported by the fact that the company is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

Recently the company oriented to dual bags and 3 chambers bags for special solutions and to transparent peelable laminated film for flexible barrier packaging or pharmaceutical solution as overwrap film with superior Oxygen, Carbon dioxide and water vapor barrier for oxygen sensitive products and for bicarbonate solution.